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Watch our video to learn why the Library Foundation is dedicated
to promoting enhanced literacy in our community.



to read 20 minutes each day!


Tell your friends that you Take 20 and Read!

With a focus on community outreach, children’s programming and facility development, the Library Foundation builds upon a solid tradition of service to the community, while planning for the future. An investment in the Library Foundation is an investment in the St. Charles community, and one that we will all benefit from for generations. Click on the icons above to find out more about each program.

Reading together encourages a child to associate reading with love and comfort.
The more words a child hears, the larger the child’s vocabulary and the more likely he or
she will be a proficient reader. Try reading together for at least 20 minutes each day!

Watch our video to learn 
what the Library Foundation
does in our community.

Our mission is to ensure excellent library programs, services and facilities for all people by
developing and encouraging community investment and participation, today and tomorrow.

An Investment in the
Library Foundation is an
investment in our Community.

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